Alphabyte Compusoft Profile

“Alphabyte Compusoft is focus on to provide innovative products and solutions with a set of innovation. Alphabyte Compusoft emphasizes to promote intellectual qualities in an individual and amongst the team to provide the best solutions before various clients in a cost-effective manner.”

Alphabyte Compusoft is a leading software application provider and web developer in the filed of Information Technology and has been a key player in helping businesses in smoother transition. We deliver inventory and accounting software solution to optimize businesses and help them in this GST transformation journey . Alphabyte Compusoft has always believed in adding value and sustainability to the ever changing business environment.

Alphabyte Compusoft's product portfolio includes AlphaERP(Business ERP), AlphaPharma Plus(Pharmacy Software), AlphLab(Pathalogy Lab Software), AlphaCRM (CRM Software) AlphaTutor (Coaching, Institute Management Software) and many more ERP, MIS Software. New products and solutions are added every year in our services and in the product category to meet the future needs of business.

Alphabyte Compusoft provides comprehensive AlphaHR (Human Resources Management Software) which has enriched features like attendance software, payroll software,leave management etc helping businesses in smoother working.
Alphabyte Compusoft offer a wide range of products for educational institutions like AlphaSkool (School ERP) which has enriched features like School Gatepass Management, Enquiry Management, Admission, Fee Management, Transport Management, Library Management, Examination Management, Result Management, Certificate Management, Accounting and Inventory etc. Alphabyte Compusoft also provides AlphaCampus (School Software for multi schools/institutes branches) which has all features of AlphaSkool with centralize system for controlling all branches of schools.
Edugeeky is our edu-media(educational media) platform in which all the institutions can intract with each other and their students and teacher also can intract with each other for various educational videos, tutorials, assignments and doubt clearing aspects. edugeeky also provides results, attendance, home-works, notices and events.

The journey of Alphabyte compusoft started from 2014 and its takes about 4years to complete our various softwars and then we started working with full packed quality products from year 2019. From 2014 we continues to push the envelope of Information Technology with Innovative products and solutions. Customer's rapidly growing requirements for complex and sophisticated, secured, advanced, easy to use and flexible software systems are the inspiration behind Alphabyte Compusoft's Innovative products and solutions.

Quick Adaptability to new technology and strong business strategies that has made Alphabyte Compusoft, the fastest growing company in the Software world. At Alphabyte Compusoft, we are motivated to remain an innovative market leader in our field. We are the fastest growing Software brand in India. We are into an ongoing improvement and growth strategy which has helped us to increase our production capacity manifolds.

Alphabyte Compusoft is a leading IT Services provider and has been a key player in software development, website and Mobile App development. Alphabyte Compusoft always believed in adding value and sustainability to the ever changing business environment. Beside our own software products we also provide custom Software solutions. we deliver Customer Centric, Technology Oriented, Innovative products for helping businesses in smoother transition.

While we continue to focus on our growth and performance, we remain equally focused on our social responsibility towards the environment and our communities. Wherever we work, whoever we work with, we follow best practices and aspire to leave a positive impact on our communities. Our success has been possible due to the contribution and dedication of our team, our partners and our customers. We look forward to continuing to serve and engage with them in the future.